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Braintraining: Memory Techniques and Mindmapping


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This workshop is free of charge for all students of the University of Twente

Group size

Minimum 15, maximum 30 participants




Students need to read, analyse and remember lots of information. In most study program you spend at least 3 hours a day on this. This workshop is meant for all students that want to learn how they can remember large amounts of information better.


In this training you will discover all of the techniques that will enable you to store information in your memory better and for longer. These techniques simply make it easier for us to process and reproduce all of the information that we receive.


memory techniques, Mind maps, structuring, summarizing


Struggling to remember information? You are not the only one. For most of us this is a considerable challenge. How well you can remember information has nothing to do with intelligence, age or even the quality of your memory. How well you can reproduce something purely depends on which techniques you use to store the information in your memory.
Mind-mapping is a method of notation. You can therefore use it for everything. The more complex the information, the more suitable a mind-map is. In this training you will discover how your brain works, the fastest and best way of taking notes and how you can maximize their effect, allowing you to record the information faster and remember it for much longer.


This workshop takes three hours.

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