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Intercultural Competence


Course prices

This workshop is free of charge for all students of the University of Twente

Group size

Maximum 12 participants


Nicole Kienhuis,


All students working in international project groups and would like to learn how to deal more effectively with cultural diversity.


After this training, you have gained insight in the influence culture has on behavior and communication and are you able to operate better in a cultural diverse working environment.


Basic IC theory, concepts and ideas that influence co-operation. Communication styles, growth phases of intercultural perceptiveness and insight in intercultural competences.

Basic concepts of IC are addressed, theory and exercises alternated. We’ll talk about the five cultural dimensions as well as the growth phases of intercultural perceptiveness. Participants receive advice in how to deal more effectively with cultural diversity. We’ll pay attention to individual learning goals. After the break different communication styles will be discussed and worked with and participants learn about intercultural competences. Course materials are handed out during the training.


This training takes 7 hours, including a lunch break. Every participant receives a questionnaire (1 page with content relevant questions about individual learning aims) to be returned to the tutor before start of the training.

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