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Business Model Innovation & Entrepreneurship


Course prices

This workshop is free of charge for all students of the University of Twente

Group size

Minimum 5 and maximum 20-25 participants


Remco Blom, Inplexity


All students with interest in improving their understanding of businesses (profit and non- profit) and innovation. Especially, but certainly not exclusively, those with an ambition as entrepreneur.


After this training, you understand why business models matter and how to visualize these. You are able to analyze existing business models and have the ability to apply different techniques to innovate business models. It’s fun, inspiring and sometimes confronting: meet the challenge!


  • The what and why of a business model
  • Business Model Canvas
  • Your (future) business model
  • Business Model Innovation
  • Business models practical examples and cases
  • Make it real! Implement your Business model
  • Next steps for you!


This training is set up as a workshop. Movie clips, theory and active practise are combined throughout the evening. Lots of teamwork in groups, learning by doing and learning from each other. This session is active, fun and inspiring! 


This training takes 4 hours.

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The registration for this workshop will open on the first of February 2018.  

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