1. Go to the Dialang Website.
  2. Choose 'Instructions in English' or the language of your choice and then press (>) in the toolbar to continue.
  3. You can do sections of the test in any order you like: Listening, Writing, Reading, Vocabulary or Language structures.
  4. Always complete the placement test using (>). Although completing the placement test is not required, it is used in the Dialang program to determine the appropriate level of the test. Skipping parts of any section could cause problems because this is an adaptive test.
  5. There is a self assessment questionnaire; you can decide whether to do (>) or not do (>>) this part.
  6. The test questions will now begin – follow the instructions to continue the test.
  7. After each section of the test, you will receive feedback. Write down the CEF (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2) scores for the parts of the test you completed.