Class Assessment Lecture

Any lecture of 45 minutes will do, provided the class is in English and you yourself do most of the talking (at least 20 minutes). A language assessor will come at the time and place you have indicated to attend the lecture.

You can register for a class assessment during the third and fourth quartile, between 5 February 2018 and 6 July 2018. It is wise to register early. If you cannot find an available time slot for a class assessment, you can register for a group assessment or you can contact the TCP Language Centre.

NOTE for ITC teachers: Since the ITC lecture hours differ from the UT central lecture hours, please state the exact starting time of your class in the ‘Remarks’ box when registering. Also, since your institute is not located at the Campus, please also include ITC building when stating the location.

Video: should it be impossible to find a suitable date for a class assessment, then you can also send a video recording of a lecture to

Selected course is not available.