Step 1: sharing information

Before you can apply for a FOBOS Force Majeure Allowance, you first need to fill in the questions below concerning data sharing. 

sharing information between CPO and student counsellor

Cooperation CPO and SACC: the student counsellors are part of the department Student Affairs, Coaching & Counselling (SACC). The CPO and the student counsellors work closely together. The CPO discusses data from your FOBOS-application for a force majeure allowance with the student counsellors in order to make a decision. Herewith you are informed about this cooperation and automatically give permission to the CPO to discuss the contents of this application with the student counsellors.

permission for CPO to share information with study adviser

The CPO does not share information with others without your permission
The CPO will seek advice from your study advisor during the processing of this application because you are obliged to report the circumstances to your study advisor. Subsequently, study adjustments may be made or an adjusted study plan may be drawn up. It is advisable to grant permission for sharing information so that the CPO can make a just decision on your FOBOS Force Majeure Allowance.

s(number only)

After submitting this consent form, you will be given the button for the actual application form.
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