Language policy

The University of Twente has had a policy on language since 2004. After the decision of the Executive Board in 2015 to make English the official language from 2018 onwards, a revised policy was drawn up. The new policy became effective at the beginning of 2019. 

The UT Language Policy (2018) outlines standing policy on language use and provides an overview of the current situation and implementation of English so far in education and in the organisation. The document also provides guidelines for language use in governance and communication, and a list of actions. (UTLP, 2018)

Code of Conduct on Language

In the internationalisation vision and the UT Language Policy (UTLP), the UT commits itself to being an inclusive international learning and working environment. Language is an important means of achieving this. In addition, internationalisation and language in higher education are the subject of a wider social debate. With the Code of Conduct on Language, effective since Juli 2019, the University of Twente meets the requirements set by the Minister and the WHW regarding language policy at higher education institutions.