Language policy

The UT website about language policy is currently being revised. Please note that the links provided below contain information that in due course will be revised as well!

The University of Twente aims to be a welcoming place for everyone with a campus that is a safe, diverse and an open space to work and live. In order to allow everyone to participate as actively as possible within the UT community, the Executive Board has explored different scenarios where a situation in which the formal working languages on campus will be Dutch and English in the form of parallel bilingualism was deemed most favourable.

This is in line with the University’s building blocks for internationalisation. Because the organisational language is only part of the integral UT language policy, a proposal was brought forward and accepted in 2024, which includes guiding principles followed by a set of conventions. These should provide guidance for the implementation of parallel bilingualism, pending a revision of the integral language policy once there is more clarity about developments in educational language. These conventions will apply to UT in its entirety.