Tricky Plurals


When writing about multiple degrees, note that there is a singular and plural form for bachelors’ and masters’ degrees denoted by the placement of the apostrophe.

  • EXAMPLE: After finishing their bachelor’s degree, one in three students goes on to study for one of our masters’ degrees.
  • EXAMPLE: There are additional charges payable for studying subsequent bachelors’ degrees.

Use appropriate foreign (particularly ancient Greek and Latin) plural forms where still in common usage


       nucleus / nuclei
       stratum / strata
       genus / genera
       analysis / analyses
       basis / bases
       crisis / crises
       phenomenon / phenomena
       bacterium / bacteria
       millennium / millennia

Note that more than one plural form is sometimes in use for different meanings of a word.


       formula / formulasbut formulae in maths/chemistry
       index / indices for mathsbut indexes for books
       appendix / appendices for booksbut appendixes in anatomy
       medium / mediabut mediums for spiritualists
       datum / data in technical casesbut points of data in everyday use

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