Abbreviating academic titles


The order for postnominals is:

  1.                bachelor's degrees
  2.                master's degrees
  3.                doctorates
  4.                postdoctoral

Do not include a BSc for UT graduates, if they also have an MSc:

Do not list both 'Dr' and 'PhD' with A name in reference to the same academic qualification:

Listing both is considered redundant, possibly misleading, and some would even argue it was in poor taste.

Translating academic titles into English - 'ir'

Native speakers of English are not familiar with the meaning of the Dutch title ir (ingenieur).  For that reason, the title ir is sometimes replaced by MSc (Master of Science). The title MSc is a postnominal that appears after the name, preceded by a comma:

UT has chosen to also allow the title ir in English texts

This decision enables the person concerned to indicate that they have completed this particular degree programme. Write the title 'ir' in italics to indicate that it is a foreign word; that is, treat it as a foreign word in an English text. 

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