Because of the spreading of the Coronavirus (COVID-19), all face-to-face appointments for intakes are cancelled until 6 April. If you want to do your intake by skype, please contact

For admission to one of the advanced Dutch language courses, an intake exam is required. The following advanced courses require an intake:

  • Getting started with Dutch 2
  • Dutch Advanced 1
  • Dutch Advanced 2
  • Dutch Advanced Plus 1
  • Dutch Advanced Plus 2
  • Dutch for Beginners 2 (A2)
  • Dutch Intermediate (B1)
  • Professional Dutch (B2)
  • High Proficiency Dutch (C1)
  • State Exam Preparation Course (STEX)

Knowledge of English (language of instruction) with an approximate level of B1 is required.

To prepare for the oral intake interview, we would like you to take the written intake test. This test will take about 30 minutes. You have to do the written test before you can register for the intake interview.

Don't forget to read the instructions first. The test result (for example the score 56), can be typed in the required field in the registration form. Registrations without result will not be accepted.

Did you take other Dutch language courses? If so, please send us a copy of your certificate via e-mail and inform us about the name of the course and the title of the books you used during the course. You can write down the information in the “remark”-box when signing up for the intake.

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