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Developing Intercultural Competencies


This three-part course will help you:


Nicole Kienhuis is an intercultural communications specialist with more than 10 years of experience training people in international organisations to work together respectfully and effectively. Nicole will help you develop skills for studying successfully in the Netherlands and for working in multicultural project groups during your studies and beyond by focusing on:

·       Intercultural Sensitivity (different cultural logics concerning power, relationships, time, academic cultures; attention to signals), paying special attention to Dutch educational culture and what you may encounter as an international student in the Netherlands

·       Intercultural Communication (styles of verbal and non-verbal communication)

·       Dilemma Reconciliation (what to do when cooperation breaks down, and how to do it)

·       Creating inclusion (deeper understanding of the psychological mechanisms of cultural in- and exclusion)

The course is especially useful for international students and for Dutch students working in multicultural project and study groups. It includes theory, exercises, exchange, and reflection. You set and work towards individual learning goals.

A 64 page booklet is given to you for use during and after the course.


This training consists of three sessions of three hours each. Before the start of the course you will receive a questionnaire (1 page) about individual learning aims, to be returned to the tutor. Please note that it is obligatory to participate in all sessions.

  • Programme is for

    The September course is useful for international students arriving in the netherlands, and Dutch students working in International groups. The June course is useful for Dutch students planning an exchange trip. Either course is useful for people interested in developing intercultural communication skills generally.

  • Date

    Check the available course dates on the page below             

  • Time

    Check the available course dates on the page below             

  • Location

    Location will be communicated in advance

  • Course fee

    €25 (non-refundable administration fee), payable at registration. 

  • Maximum participants

    Maximum 12 participants

  • Trainers

    Nicole Kienhuis info@nicolekienhuis.nl

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Developing Intercultural Competencies
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