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Technology Enhanced Learning & Teaching (TELT)

New technologies are enhancing our understanding of how students learn and providing instructors the ability to customize course materials and create personalized learning experiences tailored to students’ individual needs. The University of Twente wants to use new technologies in the education of our students.

Do you want to activite your students by using innovative teaching materials, for example shakespeak? Do you want to reduce your lecture moments and offer your material online? Or do you want to use an online tool for peer feedback? TELT helps you to implement new technologies in your education.


We provide several courses on technology enhanced learning. Please take a look at our course-schedule.


TELT offers a website with challenges, themes, solutions and experiences:


  • For direct support in using technology in your education contact your educational faculty advisor. Find your advisor here.
  • If you want to discuss possibilities, ideas, or take part in an innovative pilot, please do not hesitate to contact the TELT-team through, or visit us in Citadel H 415.