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Educational innovation and implementation

The highly educated of the future no longer assume they will practice the same profession throughout their lives. Many of the professions that people have now were unheard of only 20 years ago. We are also unable to predict what our students will be doing 20 years from now. Students should be "T-shaped professionals" who have extensive knowledge of their field, but who can also venture off the beaten path and, in collaboration with society and other disciplines, apply their knowledge more widely. Therefore the University of Twente has been radically redesigning all of the bachelor's programmes according to our own Twente Educational Model (TOM).

In the Twente Educational Model students work in together in projects where they apply and even develop new knowledge and skills. All bachelorprogrammes are structured in 12 modules of 15EC. Within these modules student not only learn to be skilled researchers, they are educated to become designers and organizers as well.


We provide the course 'how (re)design and coordinate your module' for modulecoordinators. Please take a look at our course-schedule.


You will find more information and tools on the intranet of the TOM website


  • For direct support in innovation and implementation within the faculty, contact your educational faculty advisor. Find your advisor here.
  • For questions and expertise building contact the programme office for educational innovation: