How to transfer knowledge and develop skills among students that contribute to the achievement of the learning objectives of a unit of study when classrooms can only handle 30% of students?


Since offering everything online is not desired and offering everything physically is not feasible, offering a hybrid assembly is recommended. In addition, lectures and tutorials have not only as goal qualification but they are also opportunities for students to socialize and develop individual competences and skills. Therefore, sufficient physical interaction between students, as well as between students and lecturer, are of key importance. The fact that new students do not yet have any 'campus experience', 1st year bachelors and 1st year master students are given priority regarding opportunities to physically interact. More specifically:

  • For the time being, lectures take place online. Therefore, it is of paramount importance that students also have sufficient on-campus interaction through tutorials and other means.
  • Enable piloting innovative small-scale hybrid interactions to take place on-campus and have a different group of students attending them on campus every session. Simultaneously, stream and record these interactions so that the other students can follow them online and create opportunities for the students that follow these sessions online to interact.
  • It's impracticable for students to watch two times of 45-minute taped lectures. Therefore, make use of short video lectures (‘microlectures’) that include the necessary elements of what needs to be transferred and/or cut the video in pieces in which themes are explained one at the time.
  • Form changing small groups that receive online and on-campus tutorials and are supervised by a sufficient number of tutors. This will also contribute to socialization.