Rules & Regulations

Entry Requirements Minor & Module 12

This page explains the entry requirements students have to meet before they can start their minor and/or module 12.

Last updated: February 2016

the following entry requirements for module 9,10, and 12 apply for all bachelor ME students

Entry requirements for minor programme (modules 9+10):

6 modules passed on 1 September of the academic year in which the minor is being completed.

Conditions for minor programmes (modules 9+10):

  • In accordance with the matrix (see the minor website, under 'General information & rules')
  • Modules that are not included in the matrix (contract modules, foreign modules, modules offered by other Dutch universities) may be included in an individual person’s minor programme as long as they are approved by the Examination Board of the Mechanical Engineering degree programme. Requests for approval may be sent to
  • Guideline for approval of individual minors:
    • Total study load must be at least 30 credits
    • You may not choose subjects that overlap to a great degree with subjects offered in the BSc Mechanical Engineering programme
    • No more than one language course (in a foreign exchange minor), with a maximum of 5 credits
    • One or two first-year courses are allowed for minors intended to broaden your knowledge and/or to boost prior knowledge in order to take second or third year courses if those courses are also taken as part of the same minor programme
    • Minor programmes in preparation for another master’s degree programme. Approve content if the programme allows students with courses that overlap with other programmes (as long as the minor contains enough suitable science courses)
    • Internship worth no more than 15 EC if the student is not planning on taking a University of Twente Master’s programme. For more information about the procedure for internships, click here.

Module 12: Thesis

Modules 1-8 and module 11 have to be completed before you may start on module 12.

In addition to this rule, the following applies:

  • Students who are currently taking module 11 and have sufficiently completed modules 1-8 may start on their BSc thesis in the 4th quarter without having to comply with additional requirements
  • Students who have completed modules 1-7 and received pass marks for all modules, and who have finished all but one component of module 8, may start on their BSc thesis once they have successfully completed module 11. These students may complete their BSc thesis at the additional BSc conference at the end of August.

All other students may not start on their Bachelor’s thesis unless they have been granted an exemption by the Mechanical Engineering Examination Board.

It is possible to start on your BSc thesis in all four quarters*of the academic year as long as you meet the entry requirements or have been granted an exemption by the Examination Board. Note that this means it is not possible to start your thesis between the fourth quarter and the first quarter of the following academic year (summer holidays). It is possible to complete your BSc thesis at the end of every quarter and at the end of the summer holidays.

If you have any questions, please contact the study adviser, Annet de Kiewit (