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Binding Recommendation (BSA)

The Faculty of Engineering Technology’s BSc-programme in Mechanical Engineering issues a binding recommendation on continuation of studies (BSA) for every student.

What is a BSA?

At the end of your first academic year (B1), you will be issued a binding recommendation on continuation of your studies (BSA). If you meet the BSA standard, you will be advised to continue with your programme. You will be issued a negative BSA if you do not comply with your programme’s BSA standard. A negative BSA means you will be forced to discontinue your studies.

BSA standard for the Mechanical Engineering programme

During your first academic year of the ME bachelor, at least 45 EC must be completed in order to continue your programme. For more details on this regulation, check the students' charter and examination and education rules.  

Reasons for the BSA

The Mechanical Engineering programme staff believe it’s important that students find out if they’re on the right track as quickly as possible. We have learned from experience that students who obtain less than 75% of their credits during their first year stand almost no chance of successfully completing their studies. This is why we have decided to implement a BSA standard and issue students who do not meet this standard a binding negative recommendation on continuation of studies.

Academic progress meetings and guidance

University students are expected to be able to act independently and take care of most practical matters on their own. Of course you may encounter problems despite your best efforts. In that case you can go to your mentor for help, for example with making a study plan or if you run into any problems during your studies.

Before the end of September you will be invited to an introductory interview with your mentor during which you will receive this information on the BSA and an overview of important information that you can also find on our website. You are also welcome to talk to your mentor any time should you have practical questions about your studies, about studying or about personal circumstances that could have an influence on your studies. It is also possible that your mentor will tell you to make an appointment with the study adviser.

Personal circumstances

In determining the final BSA, the Programme Board for Mechanical Engineering will take into account any exceptional personal circumstances. If you believe you are at risk of falling behind with your studies as a result of personal circumstances, then we strongly urge you to inform your study adviser as soon as possible. The purpose is, of course, to limit any study delays, and the study adviser will also review whether or not you are eligible to have your personal circumstances reviewed by the Personal Circumstances Committee. This UT-wide committee will formally assess the situation and advise the Programme Board.

It is very important that you inform your programme (contact your study adviser or your mentor) about your personal circumstances before you take your exams.

BSA Hearing

At least eight days in advance to the date on which the hearing takes place you will receive the message about the final binding recommendation by the board of the programme. When you think that you have wrongfully received a negative binding recommendation, there is an opportunity to be heard by the board of the programme.

To clarify: this year, the hearing takes place on August 23rd, 2018. The committee consists of two programme directors (OLD) of the faculty Engineering Technology. You will be given 30 minutes to tell your story the way you want to. You can bring someone along if you want to, although this person cannot speak on your behalf. The committee will ask informative questions if they feel the need to, but will not in any way reward value to your story during the hearing.

The deadline for applying for the hearing lies within 5 days after the intended negative binding recommendation is awarded. You can apply for this hearing by sending an e-mail to When you apply please make sure that you mention your name, student number and programme.

For more general info on the procedure please see .