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Foundation to promote education and research in mechanical engineering

Foundation to Promote Education and Research in Mechanical Engineering

Fiscal Code: 8160.56.985

The purpose of this foundation is to stimulate research and education in Mechanical Engineering. Every year, a bachelor price (€ 750,-) is awarded to one Mechanical Engineering student. The price is provided by Bert Brouwers, a former UT professor in Thermal Engineering, to encourage outstanding students to bring the best out of themselves. The candidate is chosen by a jury that includes the Mechical Engineering programme director. 


2018 J.S. Smink
2017 M.W. Berghuis 
2016 B. Nijhuis
2015 K.S. Dwarshuis
2014 C.J. Jongsma
2013 A. Brentjes
2012 T. van Vuren
2011 M.C. Versteeg
2010 T.K. Eller
2009 K.H.J. Voss
2008 J.L.H.P. Sallevelt
2007 P.C. Verburg
2006 S.H. Jongsma
2005 M.J. ter Veer
2004 J.H. Schutte
2003 P.J. van Langen
2002 J.D. Hol
2001 M.L. Bergboer
2000 T. Hardeman


If you have any questions, please contact the foundation's treasurer: MW. J.H. van Houten, tel. 053-489 2444.