Overview August -December

August - december; 10 ECTS

Part one: Overview of the Field in 13 Lectures: Exam

  1. What is communication?
  2. Communication models
  3. Introduction to communication theory
  4. Personal and non-verbal communication
  5. Theories of personal communication
  6. Group and organizational communication (1)
  7. Group and organizational communication (2)
  8. Theories of group and organizational communication
  9. Mass communication (1)
  10. Mass communication (2)
  11. New media and the integration of all levels of communication (1)
  12. New media (2)
  13. Theories of societal and mass communication.

Part two: Writing a Communication Advise: Assignment
Following an Instruction of Organizations (choice among cases) students have to write an advise containing

  1. a problem analysis
  2. a communication theory explaining the problem
  3. a strategy to solve it and
  4. a communication plan.


  1. F. Oomkes (2000) Communicatieleer
  2. Stephen Littlejohn & Karen Foss, Theories of Human Communication, Eight Edition, 2004.

Powerpoint Screens available on request: Jan.vanDijk@utwente.nl