Overview February - April

February- April ; 5 ECTS ; course in English

Lectures: Introduction to all social aspects of ICT and their policy options

  1. Introduction: what is new about the new media
  2. Aspects of economy and organization
  3. Aspects of politics, power, privacy and the law
  4. Social and cultural aspects
  5. Psychological aspects
  6. Network theory and network society
  7. ICT policy at the indidivual level (new media adoption)
  8. ICT policy in organizations
  9. ICT policy at the societal level.

Assignments: 5 take home assignments and a final paper (a policy advise, topic of choice)

Literatures: Jan van Dijk, The Nework Society (1999)/ De Netwerkmaatschappij (2001)

Powerpoint Screens available on request: Jan.vanDijk@utwente.nl