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Innovation projects 2021

WSV Innovation projects started in 2021

In 2021 the following WSV innovation projects have been started: 

  • Crossing2Communities

    Development of new study unit (minor) based on student-led exploration and diagnosis of local sustainability challenges.  The study unit will be challenge-based learning together with communities.

  • The Serious Gaming for Circular Economy Transition (SG4CET)

    The project aims at implementing an online game to be run in the Minor Module of Sustainable Circular Economy.
    Main goals of the project:

    • Foster UT wide interdisciplinary education at bachelor level.
    • Enhance the awareness of students on sustainable production and consumption dynamics according to the Sustainable Development Goals.
    • Provide a multi-stakeholder perspective to students introducing the challenging inter-related operations of circular economy.
    • Provide students with experience of the new dynamic capabilities that will be required by companies in the transition towards the circular economy.
    • Integrate the technological/ engineering and societal/behavioral perspectives in circular economy education under the UT motto of High-Tech Human-Touch to reach the goals of ‘Shaping 2030’.
  • International Perspectives on Industrial Engineering via Case Studies

    Organising an online international Capita Selecta course where real-life industrial engineering (IE) problems will be solved through a series of case studies. Project goals:

    1. Hand-on learning experience by solving real-life case studies
    2. Improved communication skills by working with students from other universities
    3. Enriched international perspective on industrial engineering by working on IE problems from various countries and cultures
    4. Exposure to various teaching styles of the guest instructors
  • Inserting Consciousness: Cornerstone of the Ultimate People-first Tech University (ICCUPTU)

    With the ICCUPTU program students of various curricula will be offered a tested leadership program, that is built on enhancing self-awareness and developing effective leadership skills.

    More information via: https://www.utwente.nl/en/bms/cmob/research-projects/ICCUPTU/ 

  • Improving data visualisation at BMS (see video on this project after overview)

    Data visualisation refers to the techniques used to communicate data through visual objects (points, lines or bars) in graphics. Currently, data visualisation is not systematically taught in skills lines in the various BMS programs. The goal of this project is to bring together and further develop teaching materials to enable and stimulate BMS students to find and use novel data, and to visualise these data in engaging ways using R and related programming languages.

  • UTeaching Cases: Teaching U Industry 4.0

    The aim of this initiative is to develop a series of Twente Teaching Cases on Industry 4.0 (I4.0) that can be used by all BMS teachers for various purposes.

    Inspired by the BMS faculty strength of the social implications of technological developments, UTeaching Cases are characterized by their Twente regional identity, support our team-based, student-driven and interactive teaching methods and can be extended and evolved over time based on new organisational developments.

  • Enhanced Learning by Digitalization

    Support teachers in development/implementation and use of tools and micro-lectures for their education to improve the learning of the students. Micro-Lectures are a sustainable way to offer students online education that gives them besides flexibility in the moment of watching these lectures the opportunity to use these lectures more often if they have difficulties with understanding their topics. So they support the students in their individual learning process. Moreover, they support the student's development of responsibility for their own learning process.

  • More technology in BSc PSY, PSTS, IBA and EST

    The University of Twente’s vision is to combine ‘high tech’ and ‘human touch’, as put forward in the university’s slogan. As society is transforming to using more technology, a great opportunity lies ahead for our programmes of PSY, IBA, PSTS and EST which incorporates technology. The current project proposes to expand the technology to strengthen our technology profile even more.

A short pitch presented by Henk van der Kolk 

A video progress report on the data visualisation project: