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Innovation projects 2020


In 2020 the first WSV innovation projects have been planned.

As a nice result of the WSV innovation project on challenge-based learning  a new minor has been developed, An enthusiast team of five teachers has been working on the optimal ways of feedback for students (see the video hereafter for an impression). The project is extended to implement the ideas and the results will be presented in the first half of 2021. 

                                             English subtitles available via settings of the video

In another project, a skills toolbox is under development and an overview of the skills-lines in the  BMS programmes is set up to get insight into the portfolio of skills training.

A nice result of the project on exchange and double degrees is the video which shows the benefits and experiences of Study Abroad to students:

The following WSV innovation projects have been started in 2020.  Due to covid-19, the start of some of the projects has been delayed to 2021.