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ORAHS 2012

The leaflet for the Special ORAHS 2012 Issue of Elsevier’s Operations Research for Health Care journal is available with information about the submission guidelines.

The conference handbook is now available. A printed version of the handbook will be distributed upon registration in Enschede. Also available is the scientific program and the essential information. These documents are contained within the handbook, but might be worth printing and bringing along to Enschede.

Welcome to the website of the ORAHS 2012 conference, the 38th annual meeting of the EURO working group on OR Applied to Health Services. From July 15 to July 20, ORAHS 2012 will take place in Enschede, the Netherlands. The conference is being organized by CHOIR, the Center for Healthcare Operations Improvement & Research, of the University of Twente.

The theme of ORAHS 2012 is ‘High Tech – Human Touch’. During four plenary talks, policy makers, academics and practitioners will discuss the challenges and opportunities that new technologies bring for the healthcare sector, how the OR community can be of added value for this, and how OR research can lead to an improved working environment for employees and better quality of care. Furthermore, the implementation of the developed solutions will be discussed and the human factor that is involved in this.

Since CHOIR focuses its research on real-life applications and has many contacts in healthcare organizations, we like to use ORAHS 2012 to bring academics and practitioners together. Therefore, on Tuesday July 17, a track targeted at practitioners will be organized parallel to the academic program. During that track, the focus will be on applications of OR in healthcare, combining research-oriented presentations with presentations of healthcare organizations using this research in practice. Although the focus of this track will be on practitioners, it is possible for participants to switch between the two programs. Furthermore, all breaks, and plenary sessions are organized for both groups together.

We look forward to seeing you in Twente!!!

Ingrid Vliegen & Erwin Hans