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Do you have questions about designing a study (“How many respondents will I need?”), analyzing a data set (“What to do with my non-normally distributed data?”), or SPSS/R? Or do you have another question about doing research or a specific statistical analysis? At the methodology shop, we offer free advice to all students from the BMS faculty!

The methodology shop offers help via email and in the form of a consult (temporarily only via Teams or Zoom). Most of the time, a consult is preferred over an email, as only small/general questions can be answered via email. Please schedule a consult at least 24 hours in advance. Use this tool to schedule a consult: https://methodologiewinkel.planner.utwente.nl/ . 

FYI: The consultants can give advice on how and when to run a certain analysis, but will not carry out any analyses for you. 

For all kinds of other questions, including small/general questions about research methodology or statistics, please send an email (in English) to methodologiewinkel@utwente.nl We will try to answer your email as soon as possible, but please note that it might take several days before you receive an answer.

Julia Hubbert (student assistant)
Amelie Schleich (student assistant)

The methodology shop is an initiative by the BMS department of Research Methodology, Measurement and Data Analysis (OMD).


If you are having questions about research methodology or statistics, take a look at these micro-lectures. These short videos can assist you throughout the research process and may answer many of your questions. They may also be helpful for supervisors instructing their students.