BMS (pre)master Orientation Programmes February 2017

Welcome to the site of the (pre)Master Orientation Programmes of the faculty of Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences (BMS)

(pre)master and master orientation programme February 2017

Dear future student!

We are glad you may participate in the general (pre)master orientation programme of the University of Twente and that you will attend the (pre)master orientation programme (kick-in) of our faculty Behavioural, Management and Social sciences (BMS). This website contains information about the specific orientation programmes of our faculty BMS.
Click here to find information about the (pre)master and master orientation programme of the faculty BMS, February 2017

We are organizing an interesting day which will give you a chance to meet your fellow students, study adviser/programme coordinator and learn more about your study programme. The faculty orientation programmes are including lunch/breakfast and is free of charge!!!

Study schedules and other information on the website of your study programme.

You can find the study schedules and other additional information on the websites of our study programmes by choosing one of the options below:

Building (41) Cubicus                                        Building (10) Ravelijn

See you in February!
Kick-in organization BMS

*You will received separate information about the general orientation programme of the University of Twente, from the Kick-In Committee.