Dr. Hans van der Meij

Associate professor

Cubicus B224

After working for a year in the unit of Margaret Wang at the Learning Research and Development Centre in Pittsburgh, I started my PhD research on the topic of questioning at the University of Leiden. Through various projects I became interested instructional design and technology. This brought me to the University of Twente where I did a range of studies on what is now called e-learning. Recent research revolves around: instructional videos, scaffolding text comprehension, and scaffolding game-based learning.

Research interests

Self-instructional materials, minimalist design approach, instructional video, scaffolding text comprehension (QuikScan), scaffolding game-based learning, pedagogical agents and questioning.


My courses generally concentrate on learning & instructional design theories. The didactic approach that I follow is problem-based. Short moments of instruction are followed with real or realistic tasks to assist students in developing their design attitudes, knowledge and skills so that they are trained in taking on the roles of researcher, designer and advisor.

Selected publications

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