Next-Lab focuses on introducing inquiry-based science education (IBSE) in schools and continues the mission of the project Go-Lab, promoting innovative and interactive teaching methods in primary and secondary schools.

Next-Lab provides teachers and educators with a variety of advanced learning tools supporting scientific thinking, processes and topics in more than 40 languages. It affords access to hundreds of virtual and remote science laboratories, inquiry learning applications and Inquiry Learning Spaces organized by scientific domains and age groups. The Authoring Tool allows teachers to create their own cross-curriculum learning scenarios and Inquiry Learning Spaces to share with their students. Furthermore, Next-Lab encourages the dissemination of expertise and know-how through teachers’ committees, collaborative work and sharing of Inquiry Learning Spaces.

Next-Lab equips students with the scientific and technological knowledge, skills and social competencies they need to shape their future, while providing rich, fun and challenging learning experiences. Next-Lab’s innovation tools guide students through the inquiry learning process, support their in-depth understanding of scientific topics, and develop their 21st century collaboration and reflection skills.   


Ton de Jong
Henny Leemkuil
Natasha Dmoshinskaia
Hagop Jamkojian
Casper de Jong
Sharanya Lal
Jakob Sikken


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