Surrounded by Science


Science is all around us. Science-related activities outside the classroom can spur interest in science. But is this also enough to boost young people’s science proficiency aligned with the changing context of formal science education towards open schooling?

The EU-funded Surrounded by Science project brings together experts in science education research, science centres and museum educators, providers of outreach and informal learning activities, strong user communities and policymakers in Europe to design and develop a systematic assessment methodology that will analyse the impact of out-of-school science activities.

By conducting field studies and other innovative data collection methods, the project will assess the impact of specific out-of-school activities. The project will draw from a digital toolbox of innovative research instruments to collect data from citizens actively participating in science-related activities.


Tessa Eijsink
Hannie Gijlers
Natasha Dmoshinskaia
Jakob Sikken
Shant Derounian


EU Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation programme

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Additional information about the project can be found here