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Luis P. Prieto

Luis P. Prieto is a Senior Research Fellow at the Center of Excellence in Educational innovation of Tallinn University (Estonia). A former Marie Curie Fellow at EPFL (Switzerland),
His research in the field of technology-enhanced learning (TEL) spans areas like learning design, computer-supported collaborative learning, tangible/paper interfaces for learning, technology support for teacher professional development, or learning and teaching  analytics (especially multimodal LA). In his relatively short research career he has already authored more than 60 peer-reviewed academic publications. He is also interested in transversal issues in doctoral education, such as supervision techniques, scientific  communication, grant writing or Ph.D. student productivity and wellbeing (see also his upcoming blog about these topics).

Stay dates: January 8th - 30th 2019

Motivation: Study visit about research support activities and organization (grant writing, PhD supervision, etc.)