When a student thinks he should get an exemption for a specific course or component of a module based on previous courses taken elsewhere, he can submit a request to the examination board. First the student has to fill in an exemption form with all relevant information about the courses and ask the examiner of the course or module to judge whether an exemption is justified. The examiner doesn't need to decide and sign the exemption form right away. The examiner could ask the student the student to come back later for the signed exemption form. The examiner may inform the examination board personally on specific matters in case of an exemption (examinationboard BMS). When the examiner agrees, please sign the exemption form. If the student wants an exemption for a part of a module the module coordinator also needs to give approval by signing the exemption form and state the weight or EC’s of the exemption. Only the examination board can make the final decision based on the judgement of the examiner(s).

All information about exemptions can be found on the page for students: 'Submit a request'.