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14 September: Digitalization Symposium

Meet other UT researchers, hear about their work, and join the conversation shaping the UT's approach to Digitalization of Energy Systems! 

When: Tuesday, 14 September 2021, 10.00-12.30h

Where: Horst Building, NH209


10.00-11.15h: Invited speaker presentations

11.15-11.45h: Small group discussion session 1

11.45-12.30h: Small group discussion session 2

Speakers: Marco Gerards (EEMCS), Maria Vlasiou (EEMCS, Eindhoven), Frans Coenen (BMS), Anne Remke (EEMCS, Uni of Muenster), Richard Stevens (TNW), Rebecca Saive (TNW)

Small group discussions to define important topics/challenges and the UT's strengths in the areas of:

1) Demand-side response

2) Micro-grid control

3) Renewable energy generation and storage

4) Market mechanisms & transformations

5) Grid safety and cybersecurity

At 11.15h, you can pick a table and topic to discuss. At 11.45h, there will be a chance to join a different discussion topic.

Online attendance for these subtopic discussions will be arranged via video call breakout rooms.

Contact Sebastian Husein ( for more information. Pass along to relevant colleagues, group members, and students, but RSVPs for in-person attendance is limited to the first 65 respondents.

You will be notified if you can attend in person, and a link for online attendance will be sent out.