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Philosophy colloquium: Joel Reynolds Join us for an online talk and discussion on the duty to know

The last speaker for this academic year will be Joel Reynolds (Georgetown University, USA). The topic of his talk is "Inflicted Oughts: A Care Ethics Critique of the Duty to Know."

Abstract: While debates over the right to know or right not to know one’s health information are timeworn, arguments for the duty to know have gained increasing traction in bioethics and public health over the last thirty years. These arguments center on duties of knowledge concerning one’s own health, specifically genomic-related health information, to those that are part of one’s kinship relations. Yet, despite the unique role such filial duties play in care ethics, the duty to know has been discussed almost exclusively from deontological or utilitarian perspectives. In this paper, I offer an analysis of the duty to know in terms of care ethics. In the end, I argue that a care ethics approach is at odds with the duty to know as it has been defended, but it is in support of an altered and more limited version. 

The event will take place online and can be joint for free. No registration is needed, but seats are limited.

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