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Taking care of care pathways in oncology and public defence

Would you like more insight into the application of care pathways and regional networking in oncological care? You are hereby invited to the ‘taking care of care pathways in oncology’ symposium on October, 29 2020. 

The Netherlands Comprehensive Cancer Organisation (IKNL) and the University of Twente are organising this symposium to provide insight into the application and options of care pathways and regional networking in oncological care. Topics which will be discussed are: logistics in health care and care pathways from the perspective of the patient.  

Additionally, at 14:30, Jolanda van Hoeve, IKNL advisor and PhD candidate at the University of Twente, will be defending her doctoral thesis entitled “The added value of oncological care pathways: data supported with health care professionals’ and patients’ perspective”.

The symposium and public defence can be viewed online. You will receive the link for participation a few days prior to the start of the symposium. The languages of instruction during the symposium and the public defence are Dutch and English.

Experts at the forefront in their fields will speak on the following topics:

  • Patient perspectives, by Irene Dingemans, advocate for quality of care, Dutch Federation of Cancer Patient Organisations (NFK)
  • Help. The doctor has a care pathway! by Dr Ewout Kouwenhoven, surgical oncologist at ZiekenhuisGroep Twente, Almelo
  • Technology in your (care) pathway, by Dr Jouke Tamsma, medical director, TechMed Centre, University of Twente
  • The logi(sti)cal perspective by Dr Erwin Hans, Professor of Operations Management, Faculty of Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences (BMS), University of Twente
  • The national multidisciplinary perspective by Professor Marcel Verheij, president of SONCOS, head of the department of radiation therapy, Radboud UMC Nijmegen      
  • Sense and nonsense of care pathways for implementation of proton therapy by Professor Liesbeth Boersma, radiation oncologist, director of patient care at Maastro/head of department of radiotherapy MUMC+
  • What does networking add? By Ineke Middelveldt, programme manager of UMCG Comprehensive Cancer Center/Theme manager Waardegedreven Netwerkfianciering, Citrien
  • The impact of reducing cancer: together, smarter and using more innovation! by Professor Thijs Merkx, president of the Executive Booard, IKNL

Register and join free of charge. The programme is intended for research scientists, healthcare providers, general practitioners, nursing staff in oncological care, nurse practitioners, board members of patient associations, directors, managers and policy officers. Sign up before October 28 via the registration form.


If you have any questions, please send an email to Ms L.M. Van der Heijden-Bergmans (