Kim Schildkamp

Dr. Kim Schildkamp – project leader

I am the founder and project leader of the data team project. After a small pilot study, the eight step data team® procedure is now being used in different schools throughout The Netherlands. Also, schools in Sweden and England are working with our data team® procedure. Schools are not only being trained in using data, but we are also studying the functioning and effects of the data teams.

My work focuses on the question how data, such as assessment results and surveys, can be used to improve education. I completed my Ph.D. on self-evaluation at the University of Twente in 2007. Currently, I am an associate professor. Next to the 'Datateam’ project, I am also involved with other national and international research projects focusing on data-based decision making. One of these projects was an EU research project, which focused on the use of data by teachers and school leaders in The Netherlands, the UK, Germany, Poland and Lithuania. Furthermore, I participate in several committees focusing on school improvement. For example, I am the founder and chair of the ICSEI data use network.

It is great to see how something which started off small, slowly turned into something big. More and more schools in different countries are starting to work with our data team® procedure. I am very proud that we have been able to prove that the data team® procedure leads to professional development and increased student learning.

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