Erik Bolhuis

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Drs. Erik Bolhuis – Researcher

In 1996, I finished my study Educational Sciences at the University of Groningen. Currently, I work as a teacher educator/ researcher on Windesheim University, faculty Movement & Education, research centrum. Also, I work as an external PhD student on the ‘Data team’ project.

My research is about data-based decision making in a teacher education college. I am interested in the effects of participation in the data team® procedure on teachers’ professional development. With this research I want to gain insight in how teachers in higher education use data and how they use data to improve education.

Many measures are taken to improve the quality of education. A lot of these measures are based on ideals and intuition, and less on data. Decisions based on data, however, are more likely to be effective. My ideal is to improve data-based decision making among teachers in higher education.