Christel Wolterinck

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Drs. Christel Wolterinck - Researcher

In 1996 I finished my master thesis in biochemistry at the Catholic University of Nijmegen. Since 2000 I have been working at Marianum in Groenlo, a school for secondary education belonging to the Foundation Carmelcollege. I started working as a chemistry teacher and since 2006 I combine teaching with a position as school leader. Currently, my work focuses on implementing data-based decision making and practitioner research in the school.

In January 2015 I started working part time at the University of Twente on obtaining my PhD in the area of formative assessment, specifically on data-based decision making and assessment for learning. My research focuses on the professionalization of teachers in secondary education in using formative assessment in their daily practice. Formative use of assessments can provide teachers with feedback regarding the quality of instruction, and can provide both teachers and students with feedback regarding the quality of student learning. However, formative assessment can only lead to increased student achievement when it is effectively implemented by teachers.

In secondary education in the Netherlands, we face a summative assessment culture. I hope this research project contributes to the knowledge base of formative assessment, and contributes to a more formative assessment culture in the schools.