Teaching the Future: teacher agency in the context of future consciousness education

This qualitative research aims to gain insight into the development of teacher agency in futures consciousness education (FCE) in the context of the FutureMe programme. FCE prepares students to use the future as guide for present behaviour. The quality of FCE depends on the way teachers think about how their students can and should envisage their future, which is a challenge for special needs youth. Combining narrative interviews with observation of learning communities, this research examines the interrelation between teachers’ goals, biography, and own views on FCE in relation to the cultural and material context they work in.

Funding: Avans

Partners: Avans, University for Humanistic Studies, FutureMe, De Onderwijsspecialisten, ‘t Anker Harreveld, Orion College Zuidoost, Marcanti College

Years: 2018-2023

Supervisors: Doret de Ruyter, Anneke Sools, Isolde de Groot

PhDstudent: Martijn Verhagen