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How future perspectives envolve during the covid19 crisis

How future perspectives evolve during the COVID-19 crisis: A longitudinal study

This project is about how people use future perspectives to cope with adversity during the COVID-19 crisis. The COVID-19 crisis provides the opportunity to test theoretical ideas on how future-thinking shapes and motivates present behaviour in times of crisis and uncertainty and build resilience. The ability to anticipate an uncertain and shifting future forms a critical yet under-researched dimension in research on resilience. From a social-ecological perspective, resilience can be defined as the individual and collective capacity to navigate resources to well-being in adversity. In COVID-19 times, adversity is sustained over a long time and affects us collectively. Our project will yield knowledge that is important for building resilience for the current crisis as well as other crises to come. 

The project is a continuation of the post-corona letters project

Funding: Faculty BMS corona-research grant

Partners: King’s College London, The Danish Center for Social Research (VIVE), University of Tartu, University of Eastern Finland, University of Crete, University of Humanistic Studies Utrecht, Radboud University Nijmegen, University of the West of England Bristol.

Supervisors: Anneke Sools, Yashar Saghai

Years: 2020

Researchers: Sophie Rodriguez, Esther Talsma