Most of the courses of the Department of TPC are given in the Communication Studies program of the University of Twente, both at the Bachelor and the Master level. Many courses are also open for students of other programs. Communication skills classes are given in several social sciences and engineering programs.

The topics of our courses include

  • Organisational communication
  • Design of communication, in particular applied research methods
  • Professional and technical communication skills
  • Design and implementation of ICT applications for communication
  • Technical instructions
  • Journalism and public information
  • Text linguistics, rhetoric and argumentation

A minor program on Professional Communication will probably start in the academic year 2007-2008.


Communication for users of technical products, systems and services (user support, instructional documents, online help, documentation, helpdesks).

Sample projects:

  • The design of procedural instructions (Steehouder, Karreman, Loorbach)
  • Motivational elements in procedural instructions (Loorbach, Karreman, Steehouder)
  • Conversational aspects of helpdesks (Steehouder, Brinkman)

Use of technology (ICT) for communication purposes, especially by government organisations and health care organisations.

Sample projects:

  • Personalised electronic services for citizens (Van der Geest, Van Velsen)
  • Usability of government websites (Welkle Donker-Kuijer, De Jong, Van der Geest, Klaassen, Karreman).
  • Design of ICT for users with visual, motor of cognitive disabilities, or chronic diseases (Van der Geest)
  • Reading and note taking by professionals when writing from electronic sources (Melenhorst, Van der Geest, Steehouder)
  • The development and implementation of a Dutch-German network in behalf of health care related to MRSA (Verhoeven, Van Gemert-Pijnen, Steehouder)

Organisational communication, with a special focus on the role of professional skills of higher educated employees.

Sample projects

  • Teaching technical and professional communication to students in South Africa (Van der Geest)
  • Research instruments to evaluate the quality of organisational communication (De Jong, Ter Hoeven, Zwijze-Koning)

Applied research instruments for evaluating the quality of communication

Sample projects:

  • Validity and usefulness of thinking aloud as method for pretesting documents and ICT applications (Van den Haak, De Jong)
  • Research instruments to evaluate the quality of organisational communication (De Jong, Ter Hoeven, Zwijze-Koning)
  • Validity and usefullness of heuristic evaluation of municipal websites (Welle Donker-Kuijer, De Jong).
  • Validity and usefulness of mystery shopping (De Jong, Van Hoof, Gorssel)

The department’s research projects form part of the programs of the UT’s Institute for Behavioural Research (IBR) and the Netherlands School of Communication Research (NeSCoR).

Our research partners