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Why opt for this programme

Why opt for this programme

Unique learning environment

You will appreciate the small classes and the very approachable teachers and supervisors. The learning environment is interactive with explicit attention to skills in scientific communication, oral presentation, discussion and research ethics. This master gives you the opportunity to experience the research culture at two universities, Utrecht and Twente. You will visit locations and learn to cooperate and work at a professional level using multi-media applications.

Excellent career prospects

In our highly data-driven society, the need for statistics will increase. The combined research expertise of the three departments results in an exceptionally broad choice of traineeship opportunities and thesis topics. The departments have links with TNO, CITO, CBS, CBG-MEB, Danone, Medisch Spectrum Twente, MSD, Abbott and RIVM. These connections provide an excellent network that will be very helpful in your further career.

Teachers from three specialised departments who are renowned in their fields.