Advancing the frontiers of statistical methodology

• What is the best way to set up a clinical trial to test new medical treatments?
• How do you estimate the number of illegal immigrants in the Netherlands?
• How to obtain valid answers in a survey about sensitive topics, like income or tax fraud?
• How do you accumulate knowledge through Bayesian updating techniques?

Unique combination of theory and application
In our highly data-driven society, where everything can be monitored and measured, the big challenge is to find optimal ways to design research and analyse data to extract the most valuable information and communicate results effectively.

The two-year Research Master's Programme offers a comprehensive training through a unique combination of three collaborating departments specialised in diverse research areas in the behavioural, biomedical and social sciences. All three are closely connected to applications, allowing a inspiring learning environment. The combined research expertise of the three departments results in an exceptionally broad choice of traineeship opportunities and thesis topics. The career prospects are excellent.

This master allows you to experience the research culture at two universities, Utrecht and Twente. You will visit locations and learn to cooperate and work at a professional level using multi-media applications.

Would you like to advance the frontiers of statistics through research?
Do you want to apply statistical knowledge and computing to solve problems in a wide range of fields?

Do you like to team up with professionals from other disciplines and together achieve the best evidence from available data?

If you enjoy any of these, this Research Master may be right for you!