Evaluation of the Sirius-programme aiming to enhance excellence in higher education

The project entailed an evaluation of outcomes of the Dutch Sirius-programme, which aimed to further developed excellence education in the Dutch higher education system. The project was conducted for the Dutch Ministry of Education in the period 2015-2016.

Contact person at CHEPS is Renze Kolster.

More information and readings:

Kolster, R., Dijk, L., & Jongbloed, B. (2016). Excellence in higher education: educational preferences of honours students in the Netherlands.

Van Broekhoven, K., Leest, B., Wolbers, M., Allen, J., Belfi, B., van der Velden, R.,  Westerheijden, D.F. (2016). Opbrengsten en kosten van excellentie: evaluatie van de Sirius-programma's. TH&MA, 2015(5), 52-55.