Katharina Lemmens-Krug

University governance – steering capacity of university leaderships regarding education quality enhancement

The aim of this PhD research is to study challenges of present-day universities regarding their governance – more specifically the steering of education quality enhancement by university leadership. The recent upsurge of centres for excellence in teaching and learning within universities provides an excellent context to study the steering capacity of university leadership in different universities and countries. The PhD research is located in the theoretical field of institutionalism. Rooted in the meta-theory of ‘the institutional logics’ we develop a theoretical model of steering capacity of university leadership for education quality enhancement. With this theoretical model we explore steering capacity of university leaderships in seven cases in Germany, the Netherlands, the UK and Norway. The PhD is part of the “CETLFUNK project” which is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (01PB14009).

Promotor: Prof.dr. René Torenvlied – (Department of Public Administration – University of Twente)

Supervisor: Dr. Don F. Westerheijden – (CHEPS – University of Twente)