New procedure Master Thesis !!!

New procedure Master Thesis

From 2017 on students have to fill in the proposal form through the link to Mobility Online at the Canvas site of the course ‘Master Thesis ES’ as soon as you have found an assignment. The proposal form needs to be signed by the supervisors. This signed proposal form must not be uploaded at Mobility Online, but must be handed in at BOZ (Mrs. Olga Boers).

Students from the Double Diploma Master ES need supervisors from both universities: Twente and Muenster. So in practice both supervisors act as first supervisor for their respective universities, although the supervisor from Twente must always be registered in the Mobility Online-system as first supervisor.

There must be consultation and agreement between the supervisors of Twente and Muenster on at least three occasions:

You have to hand in the colloquium form at least 15 working days before the colloquium at BOZ.

More information can be found on the Canvas-site of the ES master thesis. 

Please enrol through OSIRIS on the Canvas-site of the ES master thesis. If you are not able to do this, you can send an email to dr. Rik Reussing: