Centre for European Studies (CES)

Overview Master Programme & Pre-Master Programme

Master Programme & Pre-Master Programme

The Centre for European Studies (CES) is part of the School of Management & Governance of the University of Twente, Netherlands. It pools European studies and European research at the Faculty. CES is a contact point for students, lecturers, and researchers involved or interested in European studies. It provides information for the public sector, journalists, and companies in need of expertise in the area of European governance.

Introduction two year double degree postponed

The introduction of the two year double degree master European Studies of the universities of Twente and Muenster unfortunately had to be postponed again. Students who start their master European Studies in the academic year 2017-2018 therefore still can do the old style 1,5 year double degree (or the 1 year single degree in Twente).

Information on going abroad

From now on all information on Going Abroad (for instance exchange programmes with foreign universities) can be found on the special Blackboard-site.


So please enroll at this Blackboard-site.

Master Courses Double Degree Muenster 2016

Courses for master students ES in Muenster

Every year will be decided which specific courses will be given in the summer semester in Muenster. As an example these are the courses for the 1,5 year Double Degree Master European Studies students for the Summer Semester 2016.

  • Local governance in global perspective (Prof. Kersting)
  • Parties and Party Systems in Europe (Prof. Treib)
  • Europe and the Geopolitics of Oil (Dr. Hernandez)
  • Globalization and Europeanization: Globalization Research Today (Dr. Hernandez)
  • Public Administration Theories: Instrumental and Value Rationalities (Mr. Dong)
  • E-Participation (Prof. Kersting)

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