Randy Bloeme

Our fifth alumni presented in the second series of Alumni of Psychology is Randy Bloeme. In 2016 he graduated from the master Conflict, Risk and Safety. He also completed a supplementary course in Environmental Psychology at the University of Amsterdam. He is currently working at DSP-group. An independent research company in Amsterdam for clients in the public sector.

How long did it take to find your first job?

Not so long, I already found my first and current job during my master. I currently work as a consultant and researcher at DSP-Group. An independent research company in Amsterdam for clients in the public sector.  I first started at DSP with an internship during my master. Afterwards, I had the opportunity to do my master thesis here as well. I started as a part-time researcher at the same time. When I graduated, they ‘simply’ upgraded my part-time contract to a fulltime contract.

What are your tasks and responsibilities in your current job?

My tasks and responsibilities vary from project to project, but are mostly in the field of crime prevention and public safety. I work on multiple projects at the same time and my role depends on the type of project: a research project, consultancy project or a combined one. When I started at DSP as a junior researcher I was mainly working in project teams and my main task was to gather and analyze qualitative and quantitative data. Nowadays I have more responsibilities and my task range from writing tenders/offers, project management and research and consultancy activities (data-analyses, report writing, presentations, groups sessions, etc.).

What have you taken along your study which you now profit from?

In my work as a researcher I profit from the research techniques and methods I learned during my study. I learned that skills are more important than specific knowledge. Knowledge will come over time. 

What do you hope to achieve in your career?

Around a year ago, I became a registered expert in Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED). In the current global urbanization, I hope to contribute to safe and healthy cities from this CPTED perspective.

If you think back to your study time, which memory comes to mind first?

Futsal at the sports centre and beers (and rempeng ballen) at the Vesting Bar. 

Which tips and tricks would you like to give to current students?

In 2019 I gave a presentation at Dimensie’s Career Week and students said they were worried about not having enough in-depth knowledge on specific themes. I believe students don’t have to worry about this yet, since knowledge will come within years. What most companies search for is skills. For instance (specific) research skills. I see people with different study backgrounds working on the same themes in our company. All they share is an academic level in research skills. I believe you get the most out of your study if you choose subjects that you think are fun and only focus on developing a minimum level of academic skills.

Any questions to Randy?

This alumni has given the opportunity to answer questions about his/her work. If you have a question you are invited to mail this questions to amygdala@utwente.nl. Our moderator will bring you in touch with the alumni, who will answer your questions. For direct career opportunities you are advised to get in touch with the Human Resources department of the employer.

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Published: March 9, 2020