Wendy Schreurs

Our fourth alumni presented in the second series of Alumni of Psychology is Wendy Schreurs. In 2014 she graduated from two masters: Psychology (Conflict, Risk and Safety) & Public Administration (Public Safety). She is currently working as a Scientific Researcher at the Police Academy (Politieacademie). On the 1st of Nov 2019, Wendy will defend her PhD thesis: "Crossing lines together - How and why citizens participate in the police domain" at the University of Twente.

How long did it take to find your first job?

I found my job as a PhD Candidate at de department PCRS (UT) two months before I graduated, it was the first job I applied on so I was quiet lucky.

What are your tasks and responsibilities in your current job?

My main task is to do practical research on police topics, and I mainly focus on intelligence-led-policing and on the topic of my PhD: citizen participation in the police domain.  

What have you taken along your study which you now profit from?

I learned the basis of how to do research, which I could use during my PhD research and current job. Further, my English as well as presentation skills learned during my studies are very useful.

What do you hope to achieve in your career?
First of all, I am looking forward to defend my PhD thesis on the 1st of November. After this, I hope to use my knowledge and skills to have a positive impact on society. Therefore, I am really happy to work at the Police Academy where I can work on applied research with the aim to improve the organisation and safety in society. 

If you think back to your study time, which memory comes to mind first?

The first thing that comes to mind is my time at a student association in which I was very active. I enjoyed being involved with students from other studies, and organize events which gives you a whole new kind of skills.

Which tips and tricks would you like to give to current students?
Try to find out what you like and which topics you are really interested in, that makes studying so much easier! And also try to do other things outside of your studies (for example being active in extracurricular activities or go abroad), you often learn just as much in these type of activities which really complements to your education.

Any questions to Wendy?

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Published: October 14, 2019