Jorien Groot Koerkamp

Our tenth alumni presented in this series of Alumni of Psychology is Jorien Groot Koerkamp. She graduated from the master Mental Health Promotion (now Positive Psychology & Technology) in 2014. She currently works as a Mental Health Psychologist in training at Mental Health Institution Drenthe (GGZ Drenthe). 

How long did it take to find your first job?

Fortunately, it did not take long, I was lucky. I almost immediately found a job at the Tender (forensic ambulatory- and daytreatment). Nowadays, I am in training at Drenthe Mental Health Institution (MHI) to become a Health Care (GZ) Psychologist. I am working at Indigo (BGGZ) during this training.

What are your tasks and responsibilities?

My tasks contain the things you can expect from a psychologist within the BGGZ. This indicates that I perform intakes, (short) diagnostic trajectory and treatments. Treatment can be individually or in groups. Furthermore, I participate in meetings were I, together with colleagues, think along about policies and possibilities for our department. 

What have you taken along your study which you now profit from?

I think I profit the most of my internship at Mediant, de Wieke (now called de Boerhaven). This center is a clinical psychotherapy center for patients with personality disorders. As a psychologist in training, I got a lot of freedom and chances to learn and practice. Under supervision I was able to perform (and report) psychological test, intakes and I participated in group treatments. It was a wonderful experience were I learned a lot. 

What do you hope to achieve in your career?

I would like to gain more knowledge from several (training) courses. There are so many beautiful things to learn. I would really like to develop myself as a psychotherapist (training you can enter after you have received the GZ-registration), because I think that is a valuable extension. Next to that, I would like to (first) do many other courses, such as systemic- and schedule therapy. So, there is a lot to learn, to dream and to wish for. But first things first and that is finishing the training to become a Health Care Psychologist. 

If you think about your study time, which memory comes to mind?

Especially the not-study-related memories. Such as the week when Serious Request was in Enschede (2012), that was one great party. If I think about my study, then my returning intention to, after the examinations, I would keep track of everything, prepare earlier, and not do things last minute. Unfortunately, my intention failed me every time. From time to time, I, again, was studying till the early hours…

What tips and tricks would you like to give to current students?

Get experience with working with patients whenever you can. Before I did my master’s in psychology, I received my bachelor’s degree in social work (sociaal pedagogische hulpverlening). It was nice that I could do a premaster to get into the master’s program, instead of doing a full bachelor in Psychology. Most valuable was the experience I already had with working with patients. In the period I studied at the University of Twente, I worked at Mediant MHI at several departments. Because of this experience, I got used to working with patients, making contact and supporting them. In my opinion, it is of the utmost importance that a psychologist makes real contact with the patients. I would recommend everybody to work with target groups, for example by doing internships or voluntary work (it does not matter what and how), but you will profit from it during your whole career. Furthermore, it is really fun to do so!

Any questions to Jorien?

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Published: January 7th, 2019