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Module Coordinators

Compulsory Modules

Module 1.1: Introduction to BIT

Module 1.2: Softwaresystemen

Module 1.3: Business Intelligence & IT 

Module 1.4: Data & Information

Module 2.1: Finance for Engineers

Module 2.2: Intelligent Interaction Design 

Module 2.3: From Product Design to Online Business  

Module 2.4: Business Integration through IT Project Management 

In-Depth Modules

Q1A Serious gaming

Q1A Smart Cities

Q1A Smart Spaces

Q1A High Tech Talent Management in a Global Context

Q1B Web Science

Q1B Cyber-Physical Systems

Q2B Programming Paradigms

Graduation Modules

Module 3.3: BIT INC. - Hans Moonen

Phone: +31 53 489 3912

Module 3.4: Research Project