Transfer grades TCS-BIT

It is possible to transfer grades equal to or higher than a 5.5 of specific study units from TCS to BIT (see list below). In case of transferring multiple grades to a BIT study unit, the grades need to be at least a 5.5, which should result in passing the BIT study unit (e.g. system design theory and project). Since module 4 is a shared module, those grades will be registered automatically in your BIT programme (except for a C5).

Please note: a compensated 5 cannot be transferred to the BIT programme

If you want to transfer grades that are not mentioned above, you need to hand in a formal request at the BIT examination board. 

Transfer of information to Study Adviser
In order to ensure a smooth transition and to be able to help you further, it is important to us that we are aware of your personal situation. You may have already had meetings with your Study Adviser. We would like to ask you if you agree with the transfer of information from the TCS Study Adviser to our BIT Study Adviser. All information will be treated confidentially and will not be shared with third parties without your permission.